I really enjoyed Michel. Yes, he was a jerk, a womanizer, a killer, a thief, and a crook, I enjoyed him! He was certainly a unique character and apparently very charismatic. I think his lines were hilarious and real. It was always pleasant seeing him on screen. His relationship with Patricia was really interesting and I was always curious why she stayed with him as long as she did. Why did she stay with him at all and just to turn on him in the end anyway. There was some amazing shots that visually made the movie unique (I will go into detail on this for my film analysis). I think the French New Wave was a great time for new expression and techniques. I believe the decisions directors made, (whether lack of traditional technique or creative choices) worked well and did not bother me at all. This move has surely made me interested in seeing more New Wave films and especially Jean-Luc Godard’s films.

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  1.   Cathy Said:

    on December 13, 2010 at 8:55 am

    I enjoy the charm of Michel. He is actually a smart guy. But I guess he just uses his talent on the wrong thing. If he could strike for a right career as normal people, I think Patricia would definitely go with him. I am surprise that she does not even show any sadness about Michel’s death at the end. Maybe she does not really love him.

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