Surely my favorite Hitchcock movie. I’ve also seen “The Birds” when I was younger but I don’t think it has the edge as “Psycho” does. The fact that “Psycho” was in black and white only enhanced the horror and the uncanny feel. I found the music to be SO on point. The opening scene with the camera spanning over the landscape of the city and the music had already peaked my interest. We then become voyeur’s as we peer through the window and intrude on the two lovers. It was unfortunate the circumstances in which Marion left on but it was convenient enough for her to have the money and it gave the plot an edge of this pleasant woman becoming a thief and running away to presumingly be with Sam. Norman was just a creepy character. His boyish look and childlike mannerism just made him all the more creepy. Even when he spoke of his mother. I did see the movie before so I know that Norman was psychologically disturbed and was dressing as his mother. But I was able to focus and enjoy the smaller things of the movie that I have overlooked before. The eerie silence before Marion is killed in the shower is probably the loudest thing ever and the stabbing sound the music makes was extremely effective. How the camera was able to allude the actual penetration of the knife and conceal Marion’s nakedness was done very well also. I enjoyed the cross-cutting between Sam and Norman with Lila’s search of the house. That’s a classical form of suspense and it ALWAYS works! I think the speech the psychologist gave at the end was wonderful! I don’t know why I enjoyed it but it was great how he revealed Norman’s past and the fact that he had killed his mother and who knows the amount of people he had killed also. It was really good stuff. Dreadfully there are sequels to this which I could never get through and I suggest you not bother with them either.

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